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Adopt an Animal

Adopt An Animal

You provide the love . . . we’ll provide the expert care.

Do you, or does someone you know, have a favorite animal here at the Nature Center?  Become a "Wild Parent" or give an Adopt-an-Animal package as a gift!  There’s no more rewarding gift than an animal adoption. You gain a special friend (we have more than 25 animals for you to choose from) while lending support to the Nature Center.  Best of all, your adopted animal will remain at the center where it will receive the expert care it needs. 

By supporting the Friends of the WNC Nature Center, this program raises funds for habitat improvement, environmental enrichment and education. Animal adoptions have helped provide major renovations to the cougar, bobcat and gray wolf habitats.

Adoptions make excellent gifts and are good for one full year.  All animals exhibited at the Nature Center are available for adoption!

WILD PARENT 1 - $25 (Click here to purchase online)


Official Wild Parent adoption certificate
 •  Animal fact sheet • Color photograph of your animal • Invitation to Wild Parent's Day

WILD PARENT 2 - $50 (Click here to purchase online)


A one-day pass to the WNC Nature Center
 • Your choice of a small plush toy (not available for all animals) or an informational booklet

WILD PARENT 3 - $100 (Click here to purchase online)


Everything listed in the Wild Parent 1 packageA small plush toy (not available for all animals) • An informational booklet • Two one-day passes to the Nature Center

Note: For International Adoptions, there will be an extra postage charge. 

The Red Wolf has been a popular choice for many of our Wild Parents.  Four red wolf puppies were born at the Nature Center in June 2012; we put together a short video so that you can watch them mature into young Red Wolves.

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