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It’s hard to believe it’s January again, but there’s no denying it! Cold temperatures, gray skies, and hibernating critters are all sure signs of the season. The beginning of a new year is also a great time to reflect on the previous one – and here at the Nature Center, 2013 saw its share of achievements (along with some challenges along the way).

In the spring...


Here's the third and final installment of our hibernation series by the Nature Center's own veterinarian, Dr. Ross Prezant! For fascinating accounts of hibernation in chipmunks and groundhogs, see our latest newsletter here, and for reptiles and amphibians, click...


Here's the second installment of a three-part hibernation series by the Nature Center's very own veterinarian, Dr. Ross Prezant! For a fascinating account of hibernation in chipmunks and groundhogs, see Part I - "A Tale of Two Rodents" in our latest online newsletter, found...

Stay tuned for the second part in Dr. Ross Prezant's three-part series on hibernation coming on Monday, November 25th!


On October 16th, 2013, the Nature Center said farewell to one of its red wolves, Mayo. But this was not a sad goodbye; Mayo was transferred to the Northeastern Wisconsin (NEW) Zoo in Green Bay because she was recommended to breed with a male red wolf there. You see, Mayo and all other red wolves in captivity are part of a Species Survival Plan (SSP) by the Association of Zoos and...

The October Photo Contest winner is...

Heather Boyer -- with a photo of her daughter and a scarecrow!

Congratulations, Heather, you've won two one-day passes to the Nature Center!

Our runner-up, with an adorable photo of a girl and goat, is Laura O'Neill.

Thank you to all of our contestants, and keep sending in those great photos!

Aah, October. Fall is officially here! Leaves turn vibrant colors and fall from the trees, temperatures cool down, and we humans delight in the crunch of leaves under our feet. October has many monthly observances, including Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Halloween Safety Month, but we here at the Nature Center were excited to learn that October is also Raptor Month!

Many people...


Imagine hearing someone confidently proclaim that their favorite animal is the beautiful Notopthalmus viridescens...


Have you ever wanted to give an otter a hug?

It’s hard not to, especially watching the Nature Center’s otters, Olive and Obi, run and swim and play together. They’re so cute! And they look so soft.

“Obi Wan’s a tough dude, adorable as he is,” says Dr. Ross Prezant, the Nature Center’s veterinarian. Dr. Ross, along with the Animal Staff,...

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