The Friends of the Western North Carolina Nature Center's mission is to create awareness and provide financial resources, through fundraising and events, in support of the Nature Center - Asheville's Wildlife Park.

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Rarely spotted by the human eye, the elusive bobcat roams Western North Carolina. Resourceful and versatile, bobcats are capable of adapting to a variety of habitats including forests, swamps and deserts. They can live to be 12 years in the wild and 32 years in zoos.

Bobcats are named for their short black-tipped tails. They have tufted ears, long legs and large paws. Their short, thick top fur coat can range from light brown to red and their under coat is white with dark black spots. They have ruffs of hair on the sides of their head, which appear to look like sideburns. Bobcats are sexually dimorphic with males typically weighing more than females.

Hero of the Month

Our latest Wild Hero is Rick Burgess, who has been volunteering at the WNC Nature Center for more than four years.

As a Western North Carolina local, Rick Burgess has developed a strong appreciation for the Southern Appalachian environment. He was always aware of the Nature Center and became increasingly interested once he learned about the Nature Center’s mission.

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