The Friends of the Western North Carolina Nature Center's mission is to create awareness and provide financial resources, through fundraising and events, in support of the Nature Center - Asheville's Wildlife Park.

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The Nature Center is currently accepting applications for summer internships.  Learn more here.

Watch the Nature Center's otters live on Otter Cam!

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“Whooo” are some of the newest members of the WNC Nature Center animal family? They’re nocturnal, pale, and a little mysterious...they’re barn owls!

Barn owls are medium-sized owls with a distinctive flight style and smooth, rounded heads. They also have characteristic white, heart-shaped faces and dark eyes. They are generally pale overall and have varying levels of light brown or gray coloring on their heads, backs, and upper wings.  At night, however, these owls appear to be all white, and they fly silently, almost eerily, along their hunting grounds.

Hero of the Month

The WNC Nature Center’s wildlife rehabilitation program takes in hundreds of injured and orphaned small mammals, birds, and reptiles per year. You’re probably wondering, “Where in the world does the Center put all of those animals?”

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