The Friends of the Western North Carolina Nature Center's mission is to create awareness and provide financial resources, through fundraising and events, in support of the Nature Center - Asheville's Wildlife Park.


The Friends of the WNC Nature Center are now accepting applications for the position of Executive Director. For information on the position, including how to apply, click here. Deadline to apply is September 15th.


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There is a secretive hunter that makes its home in the mountains of western North Carolina, and while you may not see it very often, it is instantly recognizable. The red fox is a fairly small predator, built for speed and agility. These beautiful animals are extremely adaptable, and range across the continental United States from Alaska all the way to Florida. They are generally solitary and shy, so if you catch a glimpse of one in the wild, consider yourself lucky! To get a better look, you can always come to the WNC Nature Center to meet our resident red fox pair.

Hero of the Month

When it’s checkup time for any of the more than 140 animals here at the WNC Nature Center, there’s one name on everyone’s minds: Dr. Ross Prezant.

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