The Friends of the Western North Carolina Nature Center's mission is to create awareness and provide financial resources, through fundraising and events, in support of the Nature Center - Asheville's Wildlife Park.


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There’s a fascinating reptile that calls the Blue Ridge Mountains home. Known for its triangular head, slanted eyes and elliptical pupils, the timber rattlesnake has become a feared species among some Western North Carolina residents. Learning the facts and using caution will show that there’s much more than meets the eye.
Rattlesnakes are venomous creatures. Despite their reputation, however, rattlesnakes prefer not to bite. Their initial defense mechanisms are to either lay motionless, camouflage with their surroundings, flee or warn off predators by “rattling.” Knowing how to identify native venomous snakes will minimize potential interactions.
Hero of the Month
Our latest Wild Hero is Matt Kern, President of the Friends Board of Directors July 2014-June 2016. 
Originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, Matt and his family moved to the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee where they managed a 30-acre farm. After graduating from Western Carolina University, Matt relocated to Asheville. “Having grown up in western North Carolina, I hold dear the wildlife diversity that exists here. The Nature Center represents this diversity, educating local (and visiting) children and adults on our native animals and plants,” he says. 
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